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The life of the great artist began on the 6th of March, 1475. He was burn in Casentino, Caprese. His parents were Lodovico di Leonardo Simioni and Francesca di Neri di Miniato del Sera.
Michelangelo’s first teacher was Francesco da Urbino. He had to teach young Michelangelo grammar, but Michelangelo was not very fond of it. He often ran away from school to the church, for drawing icons. Michelangelo’s father saw that his son had more practical skills then academic achievements. He saw the talent of a great artist in his son. So, in 1488, with the help of Francesco Granacci, Lodovico sent Michelangelo as an apprentice in Domenico Ghirlandaio’s studio.
In 1489, Bertodolo di Giovanni, sculptor and colector of ancient things, helped Michelangelo to get into Lorenzo di Medici’’s Garden. Medici’s Garden was a place, near San Marco, where the most talented young men were gathering.
But in the 8th of April 1492, Lorenzo di Medici, the Magnificent, died. Michelangelo lost his protector and he had to work alone just for a while, because Piero, Magnificent’s son, took him to the Medici’s Palace. But Michelangelo didn’t stay there for long. He ran away to Venetia, just before Piero’s thrown away, in 1494. Then, Michelangelo moved to Bologna. He worked for Lorenzo di Piefrancesco dei Medici Popolani. Later, in his way of recovering a statue sculpted by himself, Michelangelo went to Rome. He sat there 5 years: from 1496 to 1501.
From that period there are two famous sculptures: Bachus, made for Jacopo Galli and Pietà from San Pietro.

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